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Raving Testimonials From Hundreds Of Physical Therapists....
  Charmaine Azeez
"The Therapy Newsletter is overdue to our industry. It provides a perfect (and low-cost) way of staying in front of our patients in the midst of schedules that get tighter each and every day. This tool not only has the potential to further enhance a patient's opinion of the value of Physical Therapy, but also insures improved retention among active patients - and thus better outcomes. This is a resource you'll want to try!"

Charmaine Azeez, PT
Physicians Choice Rehab
  Francine Noël-Ford
"This is an excellent web-based marketing system for physical therapists. It helps remind the community about the importance of physical therapy and its benefits. I like the fact that this patient friendly newsletter allows me to remain in the mind of my patients post discharge, and this is a simple way to set yourself apart from other providers in the area. This system has the ability to improve direct access referrals and physician referrals, because it helps us build credibility in the eyes of the referring doctors.This is a significant, well thought out marketing plan and is a boon to the physical therapy community"

Francine Noël-Ford, PT
Back To Basics Physical Therapy
  Philip Chan
"This newsletter is a great tool to market to patients and doctors alike. The tips and secrets are very user friendly. I particularly like the refer-a-patient-click-here feature.This is a tool that has helped my practice significantly. What is most impressive is the fact that I get to speak to a live physical therapist when I call, and that this system is built and maintained by therapists. I feel I am in good hands, and always get the support I need to implement this marketing system. Since I started using Therapy Newsletter, patients have been giving me excellent feedback. There is really nothing I have to do, other than set up the system with my name, website information and logo. Therapy Newsletter does the rest. Thank you for this wonderful, much needed tool for physical therapists "

Philip Chan, PT
Hands On NJ Physical Therapy
  Alina Fish
"The Therapy Newsletter system has allowed me to remind my patients about the benefits of physical therapy on a consistent basis, without the need for me to dedicate time, energy and resources. I spent some time setting up my account, and am completely satisfied with the quality of content that is updated every other week and the automatic email delivery. This system stimulates direct access referrals and empowers me to stand out as the provider of choice in my community. I can introduce new products and services, which will help the reputation and the credibility of my clinic. Strongly recommended as the #1 marketing tool for your clinic."

Alina Fish, PT
Alina Fish Physical Therapy